Park cameras likely won't help Salt Lake City police find missing Utah college student

Park cameras won't help find Utah student

Police likely won't get any useful video from cameras in a Salt Lake City area park as they search for Mackenzie Lueck, the University of Utah student who disappeared nine days ago. There are signs at Hatch Park in North Salt Lake, where Mackenzie was last seen, indicating surveillance cameras, but many of the cameras aren't even real -- meant to deter crime rather than capture images of it.

But police do have some surveillance images; photos show Lueck arriving at Salt Lake City International Airport shortly after 2 a.m. on Monday, June 17. The 23-year-old, who was flying back from a funeral in California, can be seen wearing black sweatpants and a light-colored sweater while carrying two bags and a brown suitcase.

From the airport, Lueck took a Lyft ride at about 2:40 a.m. to Hatch Park in the suburb of North Salt Lake, arriving just before 3 a.m. The Lyft driver told detectives that's where Lueck was met by an individual in another vehicle, and said she showed no signs of distress as she placed her bags in the car and left. 

Missing Utah student met unknown person at park before disappearing, cops say

Despite receiving about 125 tips, police say they cannot confirm the description of the person Lueck left with, or their car. 

"It could have been a male or a female," said Salt Lake City assistant police chief Tim Doubt. "We've exhausted all avenues of determining that information and want to ask this person to please call us."  

Police say they've now contacted the FBI, and are chasing down every lead to try to solve the mystery.  

"Finding Mackenzie remains a very high priority for us," Doubt said. 

Police have served several search warrants in the case. They have declined to say whether those warrants involve records connected to Lueck's cellphone, which may have been turned off.