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4 found dead after fire destroys Mass. home

LYNN -- Four people were found dead after a fire destroyed a home in Lynn early Friday morning, CBS Boston reports.

Firefighters say the two-and-a-half story house on Bruce Place was engulfed in flames when they arrived around 12:45 a.m.

The names of the four victims have not been released. The fire chief said 18 or 19 people were living in the home.

Two women were pulled out of the building unconscious, but firefighters couldn't go back inside because the conditions became too dangerous.

"The structure was so heavily involved in fire when our crews arrived. We had fires throughout the building. We're also dealing with a very, very narrow street, a tight, congested area, so it's a really, really difficult fire to fight and a difficult one to try and get to the victims. Crews made really, really valiant efforts even getting to the two we were able to get to," District Fire Chief Stephen Archer told reporters.

The two women who were rescued were revived in ambulances on their way to the hospital and are both said to be in stable condition.

Their names have not been released. Archer said one woman is in her 60's and the other is 18 years old.

Archer had to run back to the house during his interview with reporters because the roof collapsed as he was answering a question.

There's no word yet on how the fire started or if any charges will be filed in the investigation.

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