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Lunchtime Liposuction!

"This better then getting a cavity filled, or a root canal."

"This" is a procedure dubbed "Smart Lipo," so quick and painless it can be done during a lunch hour!

The description came from Maria Uribe, while she was having smart lipo done!

"Smart lipo differs from traditional liposuction in a variety of ways," says Dr. Michael Bruck, director of plastic surgery at the Juva Skin and Laser Center. "First of all, it's performed under local anesthesia. It's a virtually painless procedure. There is very little bruising, a much quicker recovery (than traditional liposuction), and little swelling." It also has a shorter recovery time, and patients can remain awake while it's done.

"We don't advise the patients go back to work," says Bruck, "but when I have called patients to find out how they're doing, I have found that they are out to dinner!"

He says the most common areas on which patients seek treatment for are the abdomen, love handles and outer thighs.

"It feels awesome to be able to interact with the doctor while he is doing this," Uribe told Early Show cameras during her smart lipo.

She and Bruck visited the show Monday:

For information on smart lipo, click here.

To find doctors trained to do smart lipo, click here.

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