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Lululemon murder trial: Apple store workers say they heard "noises" the night of the Jayna Murray murder

Brittany Norwood WUSA

(CBS/WUSA/AP) ROCKVILLE, Md. - Two Apple Store workers testifying in the trial of a woman charged with murdering a coworker inside a Md. Yoga clothing shop have said they heard the killing take place behind the connecting store walls.

The Apple employees, who work in the store adjacent to the Lululemon Athletica shop in Bethesda where Brittany Norwood is accused of killing Jayna Murray, recalled Friday the noises they heard on the night of March 11.

"I heard noises coming from the right side of the store- something heavy sounding," Apple employee Jana Svrzo said, reports CBS affiliate WUSA. "Like it was being hit or dragging, some grunting and some thudding."

"We approached the area of the store where the sound was the loudest. At that point we heard some screaming or yelling. It sounded hysterical," Svrzo said, according to WUSA.

Svrzo reportedly said she heard two female voices, one hysterically, "God help me, please help me."

WUSA reports Apple store manager at the time, Ricardo Rios, also testified that he heard a panting, "like when you can't breathe and need to catch your breath."

He says heard one of the voices say, "Talk to me. Tell me what's going on."

Norwood is charged with first-degree murder in Murray's death.

Meanwhile, Norwood's lawyer admits his client killed Murray but said it happened during a fight and wasn't premeditated. Prosecutors say they plan to seek a sentence of life without parole if Norwood is convicted of first-degree murder.

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