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Bombshell report claims LSU mishandled sexual misconduct allegations against football players

An explosive USA Today investigation found that at least nine Louisiana State University football players were reported for sexual misconduct or dating violence at the school since 2016. In some cases, no disciplinary action was taken. In almost every case, LSU allegedly ignored school policies and law in failing to follow up.

"What our reporting found is that this is a systemic problem at LSU," said USA Today Sports' Nancy Armour, who co-wrote the report with Kenny Jacoby and Jessica Luther. "The men who were found culpable for violations of sexual misconduct or dating violence were allowed to stay on campus."

The report published in the newspaper paints a disturbing picture of LSU's athletics department, and a systemic culture of turning a blind eye to athletes accused of misconduct or dating violence.

Samantha Brennan, a former Louisiana State University student, is one of several women who told USA Today that the school never followed up on their allegations, as required by law. She said the school did not follow up on her claims of misconduct by a star football player when she reported it in 2016. 

Brennan said she first reached out to USA Today after it published an article in August about allegations of rape against former LSU football star Derrius Guice.

Guice, she alleges, took a nude photo of her without her consent, and the picture was later passed around the football team.

"I couldn't handle 100,000 fans cheering on his name knowing what he is – what he's done," Brennan told CBS News' Jericka Duncan.

Brennan also said the 2016 incident prompted her to drop out of LSU.

At the time, she had been working part-time in the football recruiting office. Brennan met Guice at a bar near campus on a night where she and her friend had been drinking too much alcohol.

"I still have all my text messages from this time," Brennan said. "I was going back through it and...just like what happened last night. We don't remember anything"

The next morning, Brennan said she woke up naked and alone in her bed. 

Guice texted her asking if she had his wallet, which she found in her couch cushions — despite not remembering giving him permission to come over.

Days later, Brennan was told by a coworker that a nude photo of her had been shared with members of the LSU football team. According to Brennan, it showed her walking into her bathroom shirtless, facing away from the camera. She says the news sent her into a panic.

"The worst part, is just like looking around, walking down the hallways and wondering, like, have you seen it, have you seen it?" she said.

Brennan said members of the LSU athletic department helped her file a report with campus police.

According to LSU policy, campus officials were required to report that allegation for an official investigation, but Brennan said they never followed up with her.

She ultimately chose to not press charges. 

"I think when you see it all spelled out like this, it shows just how widespread a problem this is," said USA Today's Armour.

Armour said Brennan was not alone in her experience.

LSU head football coach Ed Orgeron addressed the report's allegations Monday, with the university adding in a statement that "LSU does not tolerate sexual assault or any form of abuse."

Part of the statement went on to say the school is "committed to responding promptly to any reports of misconduct, to investigating these reports in a manner that is fair and equitable, and to supporting the victims in every way we can."

However according to Armour, neither Orgeron nor LSU's statements contained any denials.

"They didn't refute what we had found," she said.

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