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Loyal customer gives McDonald's employee free car after hearing about her struggles

McDonald's employee gets life-changing gift from customer
McDonald's employee gets life-changing gift f... 01:51

A McDonald's employee in South Hutchinson, Kansas, received a life-changing gift from a customer earlier this month and her priceless reaction was caught on camera. 

Vicki Anderson, who works at the McDonald's drive thru, told regular customer Chris Ellis that her car had broken down, CBS affiliate KWCH reported. After hearing that Anderson didn't have a way to and from work, Ellis devised a plan to help her.

Ellis and his son, Josh, had been planning to sell Josh's car, but decided to give it to Anderson instead. They surprised the stunned employee with the free car at work one day. The McDonald's manager, Denise Panek, captured the surprise on video, which has since gone viral.

"You remember talking to me the other day?" Ellis asks Anderson in the video.

"About a car," she responds.

"Well, here's the title and here's the keys," Ellis said, as he walks Anderson outside and hands her the keys. Anderson looked shocked and immediately hugged Ellis and his son.

"You're a blessing to me. You make me smile every time I come through here and I don't forget stuff like that," Chris Ellis told McDonald's drive-thru employee Vicki Anderson. Denise Panek

"I always told you I would give you a car, didn't I?" Ellis said.

"Yeah, but I thought you were kidding," Anderson replied. She walked over to the black car in disbelief and asked Ellis what she owed him. He told her just a smile and a hug — which Anderson was happy to give.

"You're a blessing to me. You make me smile every time I come through here and I don't forget stuff like that," Ellis told her. 

The video has gone viral on YouTube and Ellis hopes it inspired Anderson to pay it forward when she's able to, KWCH reports.

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