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Lowering Your Credit Card Interest Rate

How can I get my crtedit card interest rate lowered?

That was among the questions answered Friday by Early Show consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen in the latest installment of her series, "Ask It Early."

Viewers send Susan videos of themselves posing the questions, and she picks some to answer on the broadcast.

Matt from Miami asks, "Where in my city can I find the cheapest gas prices?

There is a great Web site you can use. In, you will find a map. Click on your state, then your city, and that will bring you to a list of the cheapest gas stations in your area.

How can I lower my credit card interest rate?

Even if we weren't in a recession, you should always try to get the lowest interest rate possible. All you have to do is -- call your credit card company and ask for it! Also, before signing up for a credit card, you can go to the Web site and check a list of the cards available with the lowest rates.

I do a lot of online shopping and I was wondering if there was any way to save money by getting online codes for free shipping?

There are great Web sites for that, such as and, where you can find codes for many stores. If you don't find your favorite store there, you can always Google the name of the store and the words "discount code."

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