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Low-Key Cosby Reaction To Verdict

Prosecutors, defense attorneys, and a juror in the Ennis Cosby murder trial are talking to the media about the outcome: life in prison for Mikail Markhasev. The Cosby family itself is maintaining a low profile, as has been the case throughout the trial.

Gil Garcetti

District Attorney Gil Garcetti thanked the LAPD, prosecutors, and investigators, saying, "We are pleased that justice was done in this case, pleased for the Cosby family and for the people of Los Angeles."

Anne Ingalls
Prosecutor Anne Ingalls said she was especially gratified that the case was not tried in the media. "I think the jury was extremely responsible," she said. "I think the court handled the media very responsibly. I think that the evidence convisted Mr. Markhasev. I think Mr. Markhasev convicted Mr. Markhasev - and not the media."

Ingalls was referring to letters she introduced as evidence in which Markhasev admitted to a robbery gone bad.

Henry Hall
Lead Defense Attorney Henry Hall said he will appeal the case, and noted comedian Bill Cosby's "circumspect" deportment throughout the trial. "The celebrity of the Cosby family - I don't think - had a direct impact on the trial itself… I do think that the celebrity and the circus it generated did have a lot to do with this case."

Yvette Cunningham
Juror Yvette Cunningham cited evidence, including the letters and the tape recording. "We looked through all the evidence and each letter, and went through them one by one…and we came up with the verdict," she told CBS 'This Morning'

Asked if the fame of Ennis Cosby's father influence the jury, Cunningham said, "No. Basically, I went on the fact that he [Ennis] was a human being and, regardless of whoever it was - if it was anyone's son or brother or whatever - I would want justice to be served and to do the right thing."

When the verdict was handed down, Cunningham said Markhasev "had a smirk or a small smile, like he did during the whole trial… It was like maybe he thought that was the way to be.

"I don't know. I didn't understand his reaction at all."