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Low-Flying Plane An Inexcusable Farce

The great disconnect.

There is anger a-plenty about flying a 747 Air Force One-like plane around lower Manahttan with a jet fighter escort.

And with good reason.

Mayor Bloomberg is mad. President Obama is mad. People who saw it flipped out. 9/11 flash backs were common. But, beyond the boneheaded idea to OK it, there's more for which to be concerned. We hear this was all for a photo-op. Someone wanted a picture of the plane with the Statue of Liberty in the frame.

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How does the buck not stop with the initial request?

Every time you roll an airplane out of hangar it costs serious money. A 747 and a fighter jet? Even more. Where is the person with even the tiniest bit of horse sense to say, 'Uh … maybe you've heard there's a recession going on.'

Apparently no one inside the beltway bubble. So we're outraged and somehow not surprised.

By Harry Smith

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