Love is in the air with the wooing of women in public

(CBS News) While we will have our legendary (at least in our mindsFriday Music Round-Up later this afternoon, we have a nice musical prelude to bring some sunshine into your day now. (Think of it as a tease that will be sure to please, perhaps.) Our favorite experimental musical group has a new... well, music experiment that is all about love and woo and women... and public.

The very public displays of affection through music features Mike Kelton as the designated "crooner" and was created by CDZA (short for Collective Cadenza), who are personal friends (and fans!) of The Feed that have been highlighted too many times to count on both hands and feet now, and who write about their brand-new experiment that combines music with a whole lot of fun:

Days become a bit more romantic once CDZA brings love to the streets of the city.

While not directly related to Mother's Day (which is coming up soon, so don't forget!), the theme of love seems quite fitting for the upcoming holiday. They have also just earned themselves their umpteenth triple-rainbow salute of musical excellence and experimentation from all of us here at The Feed with this new piece! And to check out more great music videos from CDZAbe sure to click here for our previous posts on them or you can click here to go to their website. 

MUSIC BONUS: So, because it also involves some wonderful singing and fun in a very public arena, I'm going to include this hilarious additional item from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno that has Jack Cafferty surprise people pumping gas with the option to let their voice shine in exchange for a free fill-up. Prepare to laugh and be impressed at the same time.