Love At Second Sight

Carousel. Rep. Mike Ross, July 21, 2009, at the White House in Washington.
Call it love at second sight.

Cindy Chupack, one of the executive producers on the HBO series, "Sex and The City" and a contributing editor at Glamour magazine, reports on The Early Show that a growing number of singles are re-connecting with an old flame and finding their retro-relationship to be more satisfying than it was the first time around.

Chupack spoke to one couple about how they found each other again.

Peter Gezork and Wednesday Sororkin were two free spirits, living it up in Northampton, Mass., when they first met.

"I met Wednesday, she was a little bit drunk, and dancing, we were dancing in this doorway for, you know, maybe 15 minutes or so," said Gezork. "A little interaction. So, I saw her, she saw me."

A brief courtship ensued, and the two lived together for three years, until two issues split them up.

"Wednesday wanted to see other people, wanted to be with other men," said Gezork.

Sorokin explained, "The other argument we had was, Peter wasn't really interested in being emotionally supportive."

So they went looking for love in other places, and both thought they'd found it. Each married, but then divorced. In June of 1998, the road circled back to Northampton.

Wednesday was in town visiting friends and, on a whim, popped in on Peter.

"I was sitting there having this coffee with Peter and I thought 'Well, this is kind of interesting,' " recalled Sorokin.

"I was still interested in finding the right person for myself, somebody that, you know, I could live with, so Wednesday was definitely a possibility," said Gezork.

It turns out that the attraction was still there, but the arguments were not.

Sorokin believes life lessons gave her a different perspective on relationships. She said, "I had my heart broken and understood what monogamy was about and that actually that did make sense for me."

"I think we are both wiser, smarter," said Gezork.

A year later, Sorokin moved back in, to the very same love shack she shared with Gezork 20 years earlier.

Two weeks ago, they were married.