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Love and War

Despite its romantic reputation, St. Valentine's Day bears a mixed message: For singles, the day can annoy, or be a melancholy reminder of solitude. For couples, it can turn all too easily into a stress test.

Whether you're looking to enhance your relationship or end it completely, we've put together Valentine's Day tips for both the hopeless romantic and the hopeless cynic.

Get a double-edged take on travel spots that will fit your needs whether you're intent on whisking your partner to an exotic place, or setting the stage for a break up.

There are plenty of ways to say I love you, but not all of them score a natural ten. Find out how to improve your score, or throw the game.

Use these resources to locate an old flame, or strike up a new match.

Written by Hana Schank and Sean Wolfe with graphic design by Chris Larsen.
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