Louisville's Crum Leaves Hospital

Louisville basketball coach Denny Crum left the hospital Monday two days after he collapsed at an airport, and he's set to return to practice.

"I feel great," the 61-year-old Hall of Fame said. "Everything's ready to go just like normal. As far as I know, I'm 100 percent healthy."

Crum grudgingly rode a wheelchair to the Jewish Hospital lobby, but walked out of the hospital. He skipped practice Monday but planned to attend the Cardinals' scrimmage Tuesday.

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Doctors concluded Crum had a "transient neurological abnormality."

"In this case, it probably means that there was a lack of blood flow to a certain part of the brain that controlled his right arm and legs that lasted for about 10 minutes, then seemed to go away," said Dr. Vinay Puri, a neurologist.

Crum became ill at Louisville International Airport while preparing to board a flight Saturday to California to attend a memorial service for his stepfather.

Crum said it was "definitely different from anything I experienced before."

"I just simply lost control of my right arm, my legs and my speech for 10 minutes or so," he said. "Everything's been normal since."

Crum, who has won two national championships at Louisville, said he planned to resume normal activities, but acknowledged he might try to find more time to unwind.

"I may slow down a little bit, not be quite as active, or quite as busy," he said. "I might try to have a little more restful, relaxing time rather than so much of the tenuous stuff I seem to be involved with all the time. But I feel great. There's not going to be much change."

Puri said Crum's condition could stem from problems with the blood vessels or heart.

"We looked at all those things with him, and at this point in time everything looks quite normal," the doctor said.

Crum had attended his team's frst public scrimmage Saturday morning, and spectators said he appeared normal.

The NCAA recently banned Louisville from postseason play for one year and placed the school on three years' probation. The punishment resulted from then-assistant basketball coach Scooter McCray obtaining a discounted hotel rate for the father of forward Nate Johnson.

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