Lou Dobbs Debuts As "Newest Member Of Early Show Family"

Check out the video of "Early Show Special Contributor" Lou Dobbs, who this morning offered up his first "Take Lou" segment on the "Early Show." Can you guess the topic?
(CBS/The Early Show)

You can watch the segment by clicking on the video box. (Not anymore: See update below.) "Take Lou" is labeled as "commentary," and it certainly is that; at one point, Dobbs says "we cannot reform our immigration laws if we cannot control immigration. And we can't control immigration until we secure our borders and our ports. It is that simple, and it is that difficult."

After Dobbs' comments, "Early Show" anchor Hannah Storm questioned Dobbs, challenging him on some points. Dobbs, who has been on the "Early Show" multiple times in the past in his role as CNN anchor, also spoke on the Imus controversy.

Dobbs, as you likely know, is a controversial figure who "has insistently covered — and condemned — sending American jobs to other countries" on his CNN show. There's nothing wrong with having commentary on the "Early Show," but Dobbs' strong association with one particular issue raises the question: Should someone on the other side be offered a platform to respond?

UPDATE: Well, looks like you can no longer watch the video. Apparently, CBS News does not have online rights to Dobbs' segments, so the video has been removed. In the future, none of his segments will be posted online. So if you want to see Lou on CBS now that he's a contributor, guess you're just going to have to watch the "Early Show."