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"Lot of Magic in Air" at Jackson Funeral

at a star-studded funeral more than two months after his death and, because of his family's tardy arrival, nearly two hours late.

Tom Mesereau, Jackson's friend and attorney who attended last's night interment, told CBS "Early Show" anchor Maggie Rodriguez there were many moments at the ceremony that stood out for him.

"It was a ceremony that incorporated so many wonderful aspects of Michael Jackson," he said. "It was happy, it was sad, heavy, soft, light. There was a lot of magic in the air. Everyone sitting there just soaked in just the beauty and the magic and just the happy aspects of this very unique person.

"But I think when the three children carried the crown to the casket, it was just a wonderfully moving moment that I will never forget."

Mesereau said the mood was quite different from the Staples Center memorial service.

"Well, I think both occasions had a lot to do with who the person Michael is," Mesereau said. "Michael had a universal quality where he reached out to mankind to try to heal the world through art, through music, through love, through kindness.

"And there was the individual who would just, if he helped a child from the inner city with some ice cream or introduced him to one his animals at Neverland, it would put a smile on his face.

"This was a very, very special and unique person, and I think both services brought out a lot about who Michael really was."

Observers noted that Jackson's mother Katherine appeared overcome during the ceremony. Mesereau seemed to agree.

"I did walk into the mausoleum and see Katherine turning around because she looked rather weak, rather faint. She's a wonderful person, a special lady. Very strong, very kind. Very spiritual. And I think everything just got too much at one point."

With Jackson's interment, attention will now return to the investigation into his June 25 death at age 50. , and Jackson's death certificate lists "injection by another" as the cause.

When asked by Rodriguez if he thinks criminal charges will be seen in this case, Mesereau said, "I think the evidence has to be carefully analyzed.

"There's been a lot of innuendo in the media, but I haven't seen the actual evidence," he said, but added that if any doctor has been found have over-prescribed medication for Jackson, "to enable him, to manipulate him or for whatever reason, it's got to be carefully looked at and, if necessary, prosecuted."