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'Lost' Cast Can't Help Worrying

Josh Holloway, who plays sexy con man Sawyer on "Lost," sometimes worries that the ABC show's twisty, secretive plot will put him out of work.

"Everybody in the cast worries about being killed off, and we wouldn't know until they handed us the script — three days before shooting," the 37-year-old actor says in the November issue of Men's Journal magazine.

"It's a sensitive issue. People have houses here, kids in school. Most of us aren't in our twenties anymore."

Holloway's Sawyer has developed into both a villain and a fan favorite.

"It still shocks me how people love him," he says. "But my take on guys like him is they're just dudes who have a different perspective on how to survive. Truth is, there's a little Sawyer in all of us, and that's why people get into him."

Holloway will play another bad boy — a kidnapper — in the thriller "The Whisper," slated for release next year.

"It's a fun movie," he said, "but I'm looking to do a really different role next, more of a character who maybe even keeps his shirt on most of the time."

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