Lorentzen Family: Something For Everyone

Early Show - Singing family - Feb. 23, 2009
They haven't settled on a name, but the Lorentzen family has settled on a style -- beautiful harmonizing -- and they do it so well they're been named the sixth and final finalists in The Early Show's "Singing Family Face Off" competition -- our search for the next great American singing family.

Features reporter and weather anchor Dave Price surprised them with a knock on their door in the wee hours of the morning Monday at their home in Sparks, right outside Reno, Nev.

They screamed with delight as they came out to greet Dave, and when he asked them later what they call themselves, one said, simply, "Pending"!

The group is made up of sisters Kathryn, 14, Lisa, 16, and Anne, 19, as well as their brother, Mark, 23.

"We've been singing together-- for about 12, 14 years," says Anne.

"Some people," Mark chimed in, "like to ride dirt bikes, we like to sing."

"I have to give, you know, props to Mark," Anne admits, "because, I don't know if all guys could put up with, you know, three girls in a group. We're all very opinionated! He's our older brother and he's always, kind of been the protector to us girls."

"We love what we're doing," Lisa emphasized, "and it's definitely a huge passion of ours."

Said Kathryn, "Being the youngest in the family, I have the advantage of watching my older siblings perform. ... I look up to them so much."

Getting emotional, Kathryn continued, "They're all amazing. I wanna be just like them."

"Each of us has our own style," Anne pointed out, "our own thing that we're into. And I think we, kind of, just bring it all together."

"America is definitely gonna see that we're a group that can give them what they want," Mark stressed. "We tackle many different genres. So, there's gonna be something in there that everybody likes."

The Early Show searched for months, going through hundreds of videos submitted by family bands, then narrowed the field to six finalists.

Each weekday morning from Feb. 16 through Feb. 23, Price will be surprising the six family finalists with the big news, live on The Early Show.

On Wednesday, Feb. 25, the competition begins with live performances in The Early Show studio. Vote for your favorite online each week! The winning family will be announced April 1.

At stake: a deal with CBS Records!