"Lord of the Dance" hits movie theaters in 3D

Michael Flatley, dancer best known for "Riverdance," 3-13-97

(CBS) Just in time for Saint Patrick's Day, "Lord Of The Dance" is back and in movie theaters, and...in 3D.

"3D is fantastic...it's like being at the show but in some ways, a lot better," said creator and lead star Michael Flatley, in a recent interview for CBSNews.com.

But Flatley once thought a mystery sickness would force him off the stage forever. "Back in 2006, I had a pretty serious illness. And I can promise you, when I was lying flat on my back, the last thing on my mind was, 'Would I dance again,'" Flatley told us, "So, this is a dream come true."

And, at 52 years old, Flatley is still going strong, even alongside dancers half his age. "Over 90% of my dancers retire before they're 25. We have a handful who have made it to 30. They call them 'Grandpas.' Can you imagine what they call me?" the dancing legend revealed.

And what's his advice for all those Elaine Beneses out there? "I can't dance either mate, I've been fooling them all these years," he joked.

Flatley says those reluctant to see his show are often the ones who enjoy it the most. So if you think you won't be a fan of "Lord Of The Dance 3D," Flatley points out that, "Anything is possible."

"Lord Of The Dance 3D" is now playing in select theaters for a one-week limited engagement

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