Loose-Lipped Men Accidentally Confess to Multiple Crimes, Make Cops' Jobs Way Easier

LINCOLN TUNNEL ARREST No, the man you see below is NOT Johnny Depp -- although he looks like a dead ringer for him, if you ask me. He's actually one of the two mopes I mentioned who was stopped at the Lincoln Tunnel when they came into New York from Tennessee for traveling here with a gun, handcuffs, a police shield and -- an illegal weapon. (Apparently, he's not too bright either; I'm told that when the arresting officer asked this Johnny Depp lookalike if he had anything with him he shouldn't have had, he pointed to two joints near the ashtray, I'm told.) His partner, the driver (I'll send you his picture in a second) was arrested when he presented his gun permit along with his license. He was traveling with a .40 caliber with hollow point bullets, which are also illegal. Philip Messing
Tory Davis (Mugshot)

NEW YORK (CBS) The NY Post reports that a pair described as "good ol' country boys" needed no prompting to confess their alleged laundry list of crimes to Port Authority cops in New Jersey.

The big-mouthed men, who were visiting New York from Tennessee, were pulled over when officers noticed their 1994 Acura Integra's tinted windows and missing license plate, according to the Post.

When an officer asked the driver for his license, Donald Martin West, 41, also offered up his Tennessee gun permit. West allegedly told the officer, "I got a gun on me," and added it's "in the small of my back," said the paper. Unfortunately for West, a Tennessee gun permit isn't necessarily valid...outside of Tennessee.

West's inability to keep quiet had the cops in hysterics as he freely admitted to having marijuana and pipes in the car, as well as handcuffs, bullets and an extra gun magazine, said the Post.

Police asked the passenger, Tory Davis if he had anything to add.

Davis, 23, allegedly chimed in that he had two "blunts" - meaning marijuana - in the car's ashtray.