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Looking To Buy A DVD Player?

When it comes to watching movies at home, you can pretty much say good-bye to VHS tapes. DVDs are the new standard for high-quality video, and there is a whole new crop of DVD players to fit almost every budget.

David Gregg, senior editor of Best magazine, visits The Early Show to talk about some of the latest models.

The following are his recommendations:

Go Video DVD/VCR Combo

The Go Video VR4940 combines a high performance DVD player/recorder and Hi-Fi VCR all-in-one device. You have the choice of recording TV shows onto VHS videocassettes or DVD discs. And, you can copy your favorite VHS tapes to DVDs. Other features include MyDVD, allowing you personalize your DVD player by setting your audio preferences; EZ Play, which lets you to skip trailers and menus to go right to the start of the movie; and a Progressive Scan feature which delivers sharp, crisp DVD video for highest quality on your digital TV. It offers the maximum versatility, enabling the user to play DVDs, DVD-R/RW, Music CDs, MP3s on CD-R and CD-RW and VHS tapes. Four-Head Hi-Fi VCR delivers superior slow motion and stop action.
MSRP - $399
Available at

Philips DVD Player

If you are in the market for a new or replacement DVD player, and are looking to save money without shortchanging yourself on quality, consider the Philips DVP642. From the company that invented the DVD comes a sleek, slim (1.7 inches in height) and stylish player. The DVP642 plays virtually every format: DVD, DVD+R/RW, MPEG-4, DivX, CD, and CD-RW.
MSRP - $69.99.
Available at

Gateway DVD Player/Recorder

For people who think DVD Recorders are not affordable, that has changed in a big way. The Gateway AR-230 DVD+RW Recorder is a progressive scan DVD player that allows you to easily record TV shows, transfer old VHS tapes to DVDs and record from digital and analog camcorders straight to DVD.
MSRP - $249.
Available at

Audiovox Potrable DVD Player

The Audiovox D1020 is a LCD-DVD/CD all-in-one unit (includes an in-car mounting kit, ac/dc and12 volt/car lighter power adapters, detachable speakers, a remote control and two wireless headphones). It is ideal for families who want a DVD system that works anywhere. Portable units like this Audiovox help save thousands of dollars on factory installed versions and also gives the flexibility of moving it from one vehicle to another, as well as onto a plane or other location.
MSRP - $800.
Available at

Talk about a small package with big results, LG's KU-17W DVD 17" flat panel LCD HDTV Monitor features a hidden DVD drive, built in speaker and TV tuner. Carry it with you from one room to another, connect it to your PC or leave it as stand alone TV/DVD for a second room.
MSRP - $1,299.95.
Available at

Panasonic Digital Media Recorder

The Panasonic DMR-E95H Digital Media Recorder includes an internal 160-GIG hard drive capable of recording almost 300 hours of programming. It has an on-screen program guide which requires no fee or phone line. Accommodating DVD-RAM and DVD-R disc formats, it has special defect management technology to insure problem free recordings. You can even watch your program during its recording from the beginning using "chasing playback" (just like TIVO PVR machines allow you to do). Additionally, SD and PCMCIA memory card slots let you to view your digital images, and high-speed dubbing allows you to transfer video images quickly from the internal hard drive or a digital camcorder.
MSRP - $899.95.
Available at

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