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Look Better Naked -- By Tonight!

Do you feel great naked?

If you don't, you're not alone.

According to Women's Health magazine survey of 3,500 readers, 72 percent of women feel they look better clothed, 56 percent of women say they want to drop one or two dress sizes and 62 percent said their stomach makes them most self conscious. Additionally, 21 percent of women say that they never have sex with the lights on, and 50 percent of women say that they spend less than 10 minutes au naturel daily.

So how can you look -- and feel -- better naked?

Michele Promaulayko, editor in chief of Women's Health, is the author of the book, "Look Better Naked!" She shared some tips and products you can use to look better - by tonight!

Excerpt: "Look Better Naked"

Belly Bloating Foods to Avoid:
Carbonated beverages
Salty food

You should avoid carbonated beverages. People may not realize but drinking this adds that air to your gut. Even good-for-you foods like beans and broccoli can make your stomach swell because they give you gas. And too much salt (including salty snacks, processed foods, processed meats, and fried foods) can cause water retention and bloating. You shouldn't add salt to your food -- even if you're not consuming a high salt food when you add salt it makes it worse. Sodium is one of those hidden things, it's in a lot of packaged foods. It's about eating whole foods, cooking your own meals, so if you're preparing your own foods you're controlling your own salt intake. If you're going to snack on pretzels get the bald ones not the ones with salt chunks on them like we have here.

Better Naked Power Foods:
Greek yogurt

Greek style yogurt is low-fat, a calcium-rich food that can help you lose more weight in the long term. Yogurt is a great muscle-building protein. And Greek yogurt is lower in sugar than other yogurts. It helps for long-term weight loss because its higher in calcium. As for berries, they're super high in antioxidants, which have a multitude of health benefits -- good for your skin, heart, weight loss. And lastly nuts: These contain Omega-3 fatty acids that help keep your skin looking smooth, heart healthy and they help stave off hunger -- it's a good snack.

The Finishing Touches:

Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish $65
It's extremely important not to forget the finishing touches. After you've done the hard work of eating right you don't want to forget you have to take care of your skin. Once or twice a week, buff away that dry skin with a sugar-based scrub that can be less abrasive than a salt scrub -- concentrating on rough spots like elbows and knees. Basically this is about getting your skin soft smooth and glowing. If you're stripping down you not only want to look lean but soft and glowy. This gets rid of those dead skin cells and your body looks better if it's glowing and soft. You can have great muscle tone but if you have dry flaky skin it's not going to look good.

We like this Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish because it's thick and a little of it goes a long way, so the tub lasts a while. It will last you several months if you're using it a couple times a week.

L'Oreal Paris Self-tanning Mist $10
We love this L'Oreal product for its 360 degree angle, the wide angle applicator makes application a snap. When it comes to self tanners you want to pick a spray version over a cream. They're easier to apply. Start at your feet and legs and move up your body. Be sure to hold the can a foot away from your skin and spray in a circular motion so you don't get straight streaks or congregated blobs of color in one spot. You might need a friend's assistance to get your back. We all look a bit better with some glow, if your calves are pasty that's not a good look naked. When you add a little self tanner it hides imperfections, the lumps and bumps. Most women feel more comfortable when they have a little color.

St. Ives Cellulite Shield Gel $8
Sadly, there is no permanent cure for cellulite, so the best thing you can do is diminish the appearance of the dimpled skin with a cellulite cream that contains caffeine, which helps stimulate blood flow to flush out excess fluids and tighten skin, smoothing out those dimples temporarily for several hours. Visually it will give your cellulite a smoother look so you can look better by tonight. It's a quick fix. Here's a tip: Put a thick lotion on over the cellulite cream to help it penetrate. It really helps if you want to look better naked by tonight!

Try a "Look Better Naked!" Signature Cocktail:
2 oz. Vodka
1 oz. St. Germain
1/2 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
Top off with Seltzer
Total: 230 Calories

With "Look Better Naked!" there's no depriving yourself, no calorie counting, and you can splurge occasionally. Here we have the "Look Better Naked!" signature cocktail, so you don't have to skip happy hour with friends. This cocktail has only 230 calories (as compared to a margarita that has about 450 calories).

This low-calorie drink was created by registered dietician Keri Glassman, an "Early Show" and Women's Health contributor. Lime juice is healthy, vodka is fairly low calorie, and the elderflower adds a little floral sweetness. Its a fun drink and the best part is that it is low in calories, compared to a pina colada or a margarita this is definitely the healthier choice. We suggest having 2 a week for the Look Better Naked eating plan which may not seem like much, but is pretty generous compared to other eating plans that banish alcohol.

Stand-or sit-up taller and do some bicep curls and push ups
Poor posture puts our abdominal muscles to sleep instead of challenging them to hold our bodies upright. So just standing up straight can visual trim 5 pounds from your frame and also activate stomach muscles.
Lifting weight pumps blood into your muscles, making them swell and appear more toned-temporarily-so you can look sleeker in a strapless dress.
For the purposes of getting blood in the muscles to give you tone and definition you should do lots of reps (20 - 25) with lighter weights basically until they burn, which is probably 1-2 sets. You'll want to do the curls or pushups a few hours before you go out for the evening.

So how do real women feel about their bodies? "The Early Show" went to Bra Smyth, a New York lingerie store, to ask women what they see when they look at themselves naked. Click on the video below to hear their responses:

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