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Look Behind New 'Survivor' Location

"Survivor" is back with its fifth installment.

The show's host, Jeff Probst, visited The Early Show to kick off a week of coverage by taking viewers behind the scenes of "Survivor: Thailand."

"Once again, 'Survivor' went back to the beach. And this time, it's a beautiful Asian island with a rich history," said Probst.

The show's host said the lush landscape and long sandy beaches helped to make Koh Tarutao Thailand's first National park. The island's storied past helped make it the perfect location for the next "Survivor."

"There are tales of pirates seeking shelter here from the often rough Andaman Sea," said Probst. "And ruins remain from a time when the island was used as a penal colony where prisoners were taught how to regain their place in society."

For "Survivor: Thailand," 16 Americans will form a society of their own with little else than what the land has to offer.

But theirs is not the only community on the island. A sign that reads "off limits to tribe" separates the world of the survivors from that of the television crew taping the show. Signs of civilization is evident from a small camouflaged shelter, to a sprawling tented village that serves as a temporary home for more than 200.

On this part of the island, life is a bit different. Food comes easily from a round-the-clock cafeteria. And the bar isn't such a bad place to spend some downtime. The digs are cushy by "Survivor" standards, but it's a hard day on the job.

"From working dockside, unloading supplies from ships as they arrive, to the daily break-neck pace, the design department maintains two prepare sets for upcoming challenges," said Probst.

Life seems almost tranquil for the survivors by comparison, but it's not. The heat in this tropical paradise can be stifling, and dehydration is of real concern. To win "Survivor: Thailand" will take more than withstanding the elements of nature. It will take the ability to outwit, outplay and outlast every competitor.

"And after 39 days, there will be a new tale to tell from the island of Tarutao, that of the sole survivor," said Probst.