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Look At UN Sanctions On Iran For Nuclear Program

The U.N. Security Council has imposed three rounds of sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program. The key points in each:

DECEMBER 23, 2006:

_ Demanded that Iran suspend all enrichment and reprocessing-related activities.

_ Banned Iran from exporting a lengthy list of items related to its nuclear and missile programs.

_ Ordered all countries to stop supplying Iran with materials and technology that could contribute to its nuclear and missile programs.

_ Imposed an asset freeze on 10 companies and 12 individuals related to those programs.

_ Banned technical or financial assistance to Iran for its nuclear or missile programs.

_ Called on all states "to exercise vigilance" and inform the Security Council sanctions committee regarding the entry or transit through their territory of the Iranians on the U.N. list.

_ Limited the International Atomic Energy Agency's technical cooperation with Iran to food, agricultural, medical, safety and other humanitarian purposes.

_ Called on all countries to prevent specialized teaching and training for Iranians that would help develop the country's nuclear program.

MARCH 24, 2007:

_ Banned Iranian arms exports and any country buying Iranian weapons.

_ Called on all nations "to exercise vigilance and restraint" in supplying tanks, combat aircraft and other heavy weapons to Iran.

_ Froze assets on 15 individuals and 13 organizations and companies.

_ Called on all governments and financial institutions not to make any new commitments "of grants, financial assistance, or concessional loans" to the Iranian government.

_ Called on all countries to exercise "vigilance and restraint" on the entry or transit through their territory of the individuals who provide support or are involved with Iran's nuclear activities.

_ Required all countries report the transit or entry of any of people whose assets have been frozen to the sanctions committee.

MARCH 3, 2008:

_ Banned trade with Iran in goods that have both civilian and military uses.

_ Authorized inspection of cargo shipments suspected of containing banned items that are transported on planes or ships owned or operated by Iran Air Cargo and Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line.

_ Introduced financial monitoring of two banks with suspected links to proliferation activities, Bank Melli and Bank Saderat

_ Called on all countries "to exercise vigilance" in entering into new trade commitments with Iran

_ Ordered countries to freeze the assets of 12 additional companies and 13 individuals with links to Iran's nuclear or ballistic missile programs

_ Imposed a travel ban on five individuals linked to Iran's nuclear effort.

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