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Longest Jet Pack Flight A Success

A daredevil wearing a jet pack has flown across a 1,500-foot-wide canyon in southern Colorado.

It was the longest jet pack flight ever, reports CBS News correspondent Harry Smith, and the pilot, Eric Scott, has more experience with that method of flight than anyone.

The sponsoring Go Fast Sports & Beverage says Scott took 21 seconds to cross the Royal Gorge at 75 mph on Monday. It says he didn't use a parachute while flying across the 1,100-foot-deep canyon.

The canyon is five football fields wide, and at the bottom the Arkansas River was churning beneath him, but Scott returned safely to earth with nine seconds to spare, Smith reports.

He was wearing a jet pack powered by hydrogen peroxide and developed by Jet Pack International. The company developed it for stunts, promotions and other events for Go Fast.

Both companies are based in Denver and were founded by entrepreneur Troy Widgery.

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