'Lonelygirl' No More

In this image from the website youtube.com, the online video of self proclaimed 16-year-old Bree, known as Lonleygirl15, is seen on YouTube, one of the most popular sites for amateur videos. The Lonleygirl15 "channel" has 26,930 subscribers, meaning they regularly view videos posted there. More than 2.3 million people have viewed Bree's videos, according to YouTube.
She's not really a lonely girl. She just plays one on the Internet.

The star of a series of online videos is talking about the craze that helped her find fame — before it turned out she wasn't who she was supposed to be.

Jessica Lee Rose appeared as "Lonelygirl 15" in videos on sites like MySpace and YouTube. She was supposedly a precocious home-schooled 16-year-old. But some fans started getting suspicious — and boy, were they right.

Rose, it turns out, is 19 and a budding actress who found the acting job on Craigslist. She was a little suspicious at first, but says she got comfortable playing a younger teen who muses about life.

One-time fans who feel cheated are leaving angry responses on the Web after the truth came out. Rose says she understands they're disappointed, but hopes they'll keep watching her online series.

She also says she'd love to find an agent and make the kind of movies that don't just appear on the Internet.