"Lollipop Bandit" Leaves Trail of Suckers in His Path, but Police Say not for Long

(AP/iStock Photos)
(AP/iStock Photos)

AUGUSTA, G.A. (CBS) The "Barefoot Bandit" is behind bars in Washington state but there may be a new sheriff in town in Georgia, except instead of (allegedly) stealing airplanes to the Bahamas, this new guy has a bit of a sweet tooth, according to police.

In a scene reminiscent of Hansel and Gretel a Richmond County sheriff's deputy came upon a trail of lollipops when he arrived at a Georgia convenience store to investigate an alarm call.

The call Tuesday morning reportedly started out like any other: there was the tell-tale broken glass on the ground from the front door apparently being smashed in, the ransacked shelves from the thief's probable frantic search for goods to steal. But it soon became clear this was no ordinary smash-and grab.

Mainly because of the trail of lollipops leading out of the store and down the street, presumably left by the sweet-toothed robber, according to the Augusta Chronicle.

The surveillance camera footage recorded the now dubbed "Lollipop Bandit" breaking into the business. The bandit was seen wearing a black and white mask. His current whereabouts are unknown, the paper reported.

It may seem like a sweet deal for the bandit right now, but the authorities are no suckers; they are determined to find him.

Do they have good dental coverage in jail?