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LOL: Cooking with Emeril Lagasse's attorney, licensed pilot Mark Stein

(CBS) - Emeril Lagasse's attorney, Mark S. Stein, has a masters in taxation, is a licensed pilot and has always had a dream... to be Emeril Lagasse.

It's not a bad dream really. Emeril is famous, wealthy and gets to eat really good food. He's not exactly a sex symbol, but we bet he doesn't have to take the bus too often anymore.

The whole bit is a gag to sell cream cheese (relabeled chef-inspired cooking creme) but it's a darn good gag and not quite as "cheesy"as we expected. It does make us wonder who took home a check here, Emeril, who doesn't even make an appearance, or Mr. Stein, who, if he really is Lagasse's attorney, hopefully negotiated a nice royalty for himself.

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