LOL: Baby's reaction to mommy's nose blowing goes meta in parody video

(CBS) - It seems the popularity of videos with baby's laughing or reacting in funny ways to situations has finally gone meta. The above video is a parody of the viral video we blogged about a few weeks ago HERE.

In it the creator envisions the reason why baby Emerson is really reacting the way he does using a lot of interesting movie and pop culture references - the result is a hilarious and clever video that you should definitely check out.

So maybe mommy's nose wasn't the reason Emerson was scared after all! It turns out the truth behind Darth Vader's relationship to Luke and Sharon Stone crossing her legs were scary, Charlie Sheen was funny and baby Emerson watching his own video go viral was terrifying.

The last part is definitely my favorite and makes you really think for a second about the nature of media and culture... okay, I'm done thinking, and on to more videos for your amusement!

As a sidenote, we here at The Feed are big science nerds and have been doing some experiments with space and time. By clicking HERE you will be transported to a place of amazing blog posts and spectacular viral videos. When you finally finish you will find an hour or two has passed. Ta da!