Local investigation round-up

Ignoring Patients' Right to Know

Miami (WFOR): Nearly eight years after voters demanded change in the way bad things are tracked and reported at hospitals throughout Florida, the CBS4 I-Team has discovered that little has changed and that hurts your ability to make choices when it comes to health care.

Sons of LA Housing Commissioner Getting Preferential Treatment

Los Angeles (KCBS): A CBS2 News investigation has uncovered the sons of an L.A. City Housing commissioner living in an apartment complex that hundreds of low-income families are waiting to get into.

Are Murder Statistics Being Watered Down?

Chicago (WBBM): Chicago police claim the city's murder rate went down more than 5 percent last year. But did it really? But 2 Investigators found there's unfinished business: dozens of so-called "uncleared death investigations," yet to be classified as non-criminal cases or homicides.