Living "The Fast and the Furious" fantasy

Living the fantasy of the "Fast and Furious"
Living a fast and furious fantasy: the popular movie franchise spawns a new business, putting you behind the wheel. Jim Axelrod reports.

(CBS News) For two straight weeks now, the sixth installment of "The Fast and the Furious" franchise has left the competition in the box office dust.

The series details the high-speed hi-jinks of an underground street racing club. The movie is once again number one at the box office after taking in nearly a half a billion dollars worldwide.

"Fast & Furious 6" hangs onto first place at box office

"It hits everything people dream about where it's like the speedometer's revving up real fast, the engine noises, the screeching tires, so although it's sort of fantasyland, it's definitely what people wish they could be doing," said Rob Ferretti, who runs Gotham Dream Cars.

Companies like Ferretti's offer expensive adventures, from raceway rentals to cross-country tours. One event called a "Dream Car Sprint" held in Nyack, N.Y., brought in more than 150 people, who each paid $100 to fulfill their fantasies for a few minutes. This event is actually the shortest, and cheapest.

The drivers that show up to the events dole out the big bucks to drive four laps around in a parking lot in a fancy car.

"I mean the Ferraris, the Lamborghinis, they're poster cars for anybody," said Ferretti. "You can have a very well-paying job and never drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini in your life."

Adam Silverman races the cars, and told CBS News' Jim Axelrod that the cars are "a little bit faster than my Hyundai."

It's just for that reaction that Ferretti says that he's selling a little bit of dream.

"We're selling the reality version of that dream," he said. "Jumping over a highway overpass to catch somebody in mid-air, it is pure Hollywood, so this experience allows people to do something that is achievable."

Ferretti said that every track is different, but that his instructors can get anywhere from 75 mph to 100. However, most renters max out some place between 65 and 75 mph, but to them it feels like 150.

Speed comparison between street cars and F1 cars

The acceleration of these high-performance fantasy cars are lining up consumers at the track and at the theater. There's nothing more compelling than the roar of an engine with a six-figure sticker price, especially when you can get it all to yourself for a couple of minutes at a fraction of that price.

Watch the video in the player above to see Jim Axelrod drive a Lamborghini.