'Living Room...LIVE!' Fave, Live!

Eric Michael Hopper got his reward Wednesday for attracting the most viewer votes in The Early Show's search for talent from homes across America, "Living Room...LIVE!"

The country pop singer from Buford, Ga. performed on the show, live.

Hopper garned 49 percent of viewers' votes in the finals last week.

He was introduced Wednesday by sentimental favorite Adam Kontras of Adam and the Egos, who got the most votes in the second week of competition, but didn't make it to the finals.

To see Hoppers performance, click here.

To watch the Hopper video that landed him his spot on the show, click here.

Also Wednesday, an entirely new round of "Living Room Live!" was announced.

"Living Room Live -- Kids' Edition!" will have youngsters from across the nation competing with one another.

Parents are being asked to submit videos of their kids showing off their talents.

In Living Room...LIVE -- Kids' Edition!, viewers submit videos of their kids performing -- singing, dancing, telling jokes, strutting their best stuff, doing whatever it is they do best. We'll select three videos a week to air on the show, on Mondays. Viewers will get to vote on them on CBSNews.com until noon, Eastern time on Wednesdays, and the act chosen as the favorite for that week will be anounced on Thursdays, and get to go further in the competition. The ultimate favorite will appear on the show live, just as Hopper did Wednesday!

Think your youngster has what it takes to be a star?!

To submit a video of her or him performing, click on the button below.

If you can't, or have trouble uploading, mail your submission on VHS or DVD to: Living Room Live @ The Early Show, CBS News, 524 West 57th St., NY, NY 10019.

Parents may submit videos of children under 18. Parents will be contacted and a waiver signed before any videos are broadcast on television or posted on the Internet. The performers must be 18 or younger to take part. Only U.S. residents are allowed, and submitted content must be purely original and less than three minutes long, with a file size of 20 MB, at most. We also need a few sentences telling us about you and your child.

We got the idea for Living Room...LIVE! from Sandi Thom, a British singer who used the power of the Internet to get fans to notice her and music giant Sony to offer her a contract. Thom posted a video of her performing, and word about her spread in a hurry.

Thom chatted with co-anchor Julie Chen about her rise from obscurity to stardom. Click here to watch the interview.