Live to Tell: Kidnap on Highway 1

48 Hours: A Family Returning from Vacation in Mexico is Ambushed, Kidnapped as they Approach U.S. Border

What if someone wants you dead - but you live to tell?

A family returning from vacation in Mexico is ambushed and kidnapped at gunpoint as they approach the U.S. border. Now, they recount their terrifying brush with death, and their improbable escape to safety.

Divinia Hall: When I was a kid, I had a strange fear of being kidnapped. That always scared me. It always freaked me out that there might be somebody that wanted to take me and I'd never see my family again.

We were headed home from a family vacation in Mexico. Family trips to Mexico have always been wonderful. We're been going for as long as I can remember.

Chris Hall: Divinia and Tyler were asleep in the back seat. For some reason, Tyler always sits behind his mom and Divinia always sits behind me. It's- they've done it their whole life, I don't know why.

We were on the toll road. You could see the lights of San Diego. A police car turned on their lights - the red and blue lights and the siren - and I looked back. I said, "Crap Deb. We're getting pulled over."

Debra Hall: I heard sirens at the same time I felt the truck kind of jerk over to the side and I asked him, "Were you speeding? What have you done?" He said, "No I wasn't speeding."

At that point we were probably a mile and half as the crow flies from the border. We were so close to being home.

We've been pulled over by police before. It's never really been a big deal. So he pulled over. The policeman walked up to the window. He didn't even get a chance to really talk to him -

Chris: And he put a gun straight to my forehead right here. Told me to get back in the truck.

Debra: At that same exact second, another car came around and blocked us in. It happened so incredibly fast.

Divinia: So at that point there was nowhere we could go. They really trapped us in.

Chris: I looked in the mirror and could see probably eight, 10 guys.

Debra: There were eight to 10 gunmen.

Divinia: There's men surrounding our truck.

Chris: They're all dressed the same in a, kind of a military type.

Debra: Very precise in their movements. All the other guys except for that first one had their faces covered. They just had this portion of their eyes showing.

Divinia: They all had guns with silencers on 'em… They told us to put our heads down and shut up… I remember my brother saying, "Oh God, no, please no."