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"Live to Dance" Contestant Slams Head On Stage

A contestant on the new CBS talent competition program "Live to Dance" injured herself during her performance on the show's stage. She fell on her head as she attempted a mid-air turn.

Following the incident, the unidentified contestant didn't seem to completely understand what had happened, telling Paula Abdul, one of the show's officials, "I think I slammed my head."

Paula Abdul to Launch "Live to Dance"
PICTURES: Paula Abdul

"I think you did. I think you did," Abdul says in the clip from the show. "Sweetheart. Are you OK?"

"Yes, yes," the contestant replied, touching her forehead that sported a big bump. "I can't even feel it right now."

Abdul says, "Oh, trust me, you will later."

Shortly after, the contestant was pulled from the stage for medical attention.

In an "Early Show" interview with Abdul, co-anchor Erica Hill said, "Of course, not everybody falls and hits their head in this competition!"

Abdul replied, "No. She was such a sweetheart, too. ... She was OK. She was such a good sport. And a beautiful dancer. And she said the cutest thing: 'I think my head landed before my body."'

Hill said, "Yes. That's what we saw her do. Poor thing, I can't believe how quickly she got a little bump on her head."

To see the contestant's dance -- and fall -- on "Live to Dance," click on the video below.

"Live to Dance" premieres tonight at 8 p.m./7 Central on CBS.