Live to Bark: Dog Shot Five Times But Miraculously Survives

Champ (Coastal German Shepherd Rescue)
Champ (Coastal German Shepherd Rescue)

LOS ANGELES (CBS) Champ, a German shepherd, was shot five times during a home invasion. Then the dog was taken from his owner, and held for 10 days at an animal shelter, as evidence in the case. That's when Tiffany Norton came to Champ's rescue.

Silicon Valley's Mercury News reported that the police brought Champ to the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter on Feb. 27, saying he had been shot during a home invasion robbery.

The shelter called Norton, co-founder of Coastal German Shepherd Rescue in Irvine, to say the dog would be euthanized if someone didn't step in - so Norton did, reported the newspaper.

The dog's jawbone was smashed, said the Mercury News. Another bullet looks to have severed a nerve in his leg, said Norton. Champ had to undergo surgery and may have to get a leg amputated.

After the operations on Champ are done, he will need a foster home to take care of him.