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Live, From The Bus, It's The McCains

She inherited her mother's looks and her dad's gift of gab.

But Meghan McCain--yes, that McCain--is proving a true original on the presidential hustings.

During a campaign bus swing through New Hampshire with Mom, Cindy, and Dad, GOP candidate Sen.John McCain, Meghan regaled reporters with tales of her days as an intern at Saturday Night Live in 2004.

"Slave work," she says, "but I had an amazing time."

She was there during the legendary Ashlee Simpson lip-synching fiasco. "She was freaking out.

Everyone was yelling 'Go to commercial!'" Favorite hosts: Paul Giamatti and Queen Latifah.

Least: Paris Hilton. Not to be outdone, Dad recalled when he hosted in 2002, playing in a shower scene with cast member Amy Poehler.

"She was very nice," says the senator. "I still remember I said, 'Mind if I loofah your back?'"

By Paul Bedard