Little League Expands Replay for World Series

Expanded replay in the Little League World Series may reduce crying over blown calls.

(CBS/AP) Even the little leagues are expanding instant replay. Will the major leagues follow suit?

Managers at this month's Little League World Series will be able to challenge certain calls under a revised instant replay system.

The 2-year-old system also will be expanded to include more plays, including force outs, tags on base paths, missed bases and hit batters.

Little League announced the latest guidelines Monday. Umpires will still have the option to call for a replay, though managers will now be allowed to challenge calls or request a replay if umpires don't ask for one.

Managers would be limited to one unsuccessful replay challenge in the first six innings, and one unsuccessful challenge in extra innings.

The World Series starts Aug. 20.

Should MLB Expand Use of Instant Replay?

The issue of expanding instant replay in the majors was revived in June after a botched call cost Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga a perfect game.

The NFL, NBA, NHL and the NCAA all employed some form of replay before baseball started trying it late in the 2008 season, limiting its use to questionable home run calls.

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