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Lithuanian mayor breaks out tank for illegal parking

(CBS) - If you think getting a ticket, having your car booted, or getting towed is bad when you illegally park your car, then make sure you never, ever, go to Vilnius, Lithuania where Mayor A. Zuokas absolutely hates illegally parked cars.  See just how strongly he feels in the above video.

According to Mayor Zuokas, people illegally parking their cars think they are above the law. So, to retaliate and try to teach all the illegal parkers out there a lesson, he employed the only measure he saw fit: a tank.

Zuokas flattens cars effortlessly, perched up high in his massive tank with a smile on his face broadcasting to all that illegal parking will no longer happen on his watch.

And the one poor car owner who comes outside to a destroyed car and a smirking mayor just has to deal. There is not much you can say to a guy with a tank who is willing and eager to use it.

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