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Literal "Dead Island" trailer: This time with singing & LOLs (VIDEO)

(CBS) - Last week we posted about the stunning video game trailer for "Dead Island" that almost made us sort of, errr, uh... cry. Well, worry not dear viewers, as we're not going to be taking you on that particular emotional rollercoaster again today (at least not yet). 

This morning we have a recut version of the "Dead Island" trailer that now includes a hilarious new addition to the soundtrack: singing what's happening (and not happening) while the trailer and events plays out.  

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It's funny. Or maybe it's sad, or still scary (yes, people are still being eaten by zombies).  You'll figure it out.

UPDATE: This amazing video was done by one Toby Turner, who gets a triple-rainbow salute from all of here at The Feed for his hard work on such a funny video (especially considering the original material worked upon). If you'd like to check out more of his hilarious work, you can go to his YouTube page by clicking here.
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