Listen To The Legend

This post was contributed by CBS News Radio Executive Producer Charlie Kaye.
CBS Radio Studio 9. It was the place of legend.

The great CBS News radio broadcasts, from the very beginning through the summer of 1964, originated from within its non-descript walls on the upper floor of a cramped office building on New York's Madison Avenue. Often Robert Trout was in the anchor chair and the legendary Edward R. Murrow was on the other end of the line reporting from the rooftops of London during the Blitz or from the incredible horror of a Nazi death camp liberated by the Allies.

In 1964 Trout and Murrow sat down to reminisce about the studio and their shared experiences. And as they talked that summer day and listened to those extraordinary programs, it became apparent that Murrow had never heard some of the reports for which he was the most famous.

On the occasion of the centennial of the birth of Edward R. Murrow, we invite you to hear that conversation again, exactly as it was broadcast in 1964 as part of "Farewell to Studio 9."