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Listen to Rebecca Black's "My Moment"

Rebecca Black at MTV's "O Music Awards," April 28, 2011, in Las Vegas. Getty

(CBS) Rebecca Black is back. Her latest single is called "My Moment." Will it be her last moment or can we look forward - so to speak - to many more?

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Here's a quick review: This song is mediocre. Those of you wishing to really hate it will probably find something to dig into - yes, the melody is completely recycled and the lyrics are a cookie cutter rah-rah-you-can't-hurt-me - but it's better than "Friday." Of course, that's a low hurdle.

"My Moment" sounds like one of those songs played at your gym. Innocuous, bland, mildly upbeat. One pleasant surprise: A lack of autotune. One grim realization: There's no humility here.

Lyric quibble: Black sings in the chorus that she's waited for so long for her moment. What? She became an overnight celebrity in middle school. In addition to the lack of humility, there's also an apparent lack of awareness. But whatever: It's teen pop.

Highlights - if you can call them highlights - of the video include Black sort of dancing while lots of professional dancers move behind her; a guitarist playing guitar at a moment in the song when there are no audible guitars; Black arriving at what looks to be a premiere in which only photographers are present.

The video has just shy of 1.1 million views in 17 hours. With numbers like that, it's unlikely to reach the level of pop culture saturation "Friday" did.

What do you think of the song and video? Let us know in the comments.

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