Listen to electro swing flow with West Coast rap (and Daft Punk piano bonus)

(CBS News) What do you get when you have a collaboration of very different styles of music and musicians cometogether to create a singular sound together? Well, something pretty amazing and unique, it turns out. Look and listen to electro swing flow with some West Coast rap in this music video mix above that is probably unlike anything you've heard before.

Pretty epic, right? Honestly, if the sound hadn't hooked me from the get-go, the random dancing in streets and bodegas would have. The song entitled "Listen To The Music" was created by the group Ménage Quad (probably because there's four artists working together), who have definitely managed to impress us here at The Feed, and have earned themselves a big triple-rainbow salute of music excellence with this amazing mélange of classic, modern and more. To check out more great music from Ménage Quad, be sure to visit their BandCamp site by clicking here. 

And as a special bonus to up your music enjoyment (and switch gears on style), I'm including an impressive note-for-note piano cover below of Daft Punk's "Harder Better Faster Stronger" by YouTube user SinclairEoin that must have been a rigorous challenge to translate from its original incarnation. Bravo goes out to SinclairEoin for this undertaking and excellent performance!