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Listen to a lovely violin cover of Ellie Goulding's hit song "Lights"

(CBS News) As I'm known to do from time to time, I'm going to go ahead and break out a music post separate from my Friday music round-up. Why you ask? I don't know.  Because I feel the need for a little music and Friday is just too far away.  Look, just go with it, okay. So without further ado, I present to you a lovely violin cover of Ellie Goulding's hit song "Lights". Take a listen.

The classical rendition of the popular modern groove was directed by Tony Morgan and performed by violinist Seth Gilliard who writes:

Filmed live at O-Ku Restaurant and Bar during my show on Thursday June 19. 463 King Street, Charleston, SC. Special appearances by my family, friends and fans who were there that night to support. Thanks for watching!

Well, we here at The Feed really dig your sound and style, Seth!  For reference purposes, I'm going to go ahead and include Ellie Goulding's original music video below. And to check out more amazing violin music from Seth Gilliard, you can visit his YouTube page by clicking here.

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