List Of Greece's New Socialist Government

A list of Greece's government ministers announced Tuesday, after Sunday's election victory by the Socialist PASOK party. The Cabinet comprises 15 ministers and 20 deputies.


Prime Minister: George Papandreou

Deputy Prime Minister: Theodore Pangalos

Interior, Decentralization and Electronic Governance Minister: Yiannis Ragoussis

Finance: George Papaconstantinou

Foreign Affairs: George Papandreou

Defense: Evangelos Venizelos

Economy, Competitiveness and Shipping: Louka Katseli

Environment, Energy and Climate Change: Tina Birbili

Education and Religious Affairs: Anna Diamantopoulou

Infrastructure, Transport and Networks: Dimitris Reppas

Labor and Social Security: Andreas Loverdos

Health and Social Solidarity: Mariliza Xenogiannakopoulou

Agriculture and Food: Katerina Batzeli

Justice, Transparency and Human Rights: Haris Kastanidis

Citizen's Protection: Michalis Chryssohoidis

Culture and Tourism: Pavlos Geroulanos

State Minister: Haris Pamboukis