List Of Countries That Have Sent Aid To Indonesia

List of donors and the aid material they have sent or pledged to Indonesia to help it cope with Wednesday's 7.6-magnitude earthquake on Sumatra island.


UNITED STATES: Emergency aid worth $300,000. It has also pledged $3 million, a Hercules transport aircraft and crew.

EUROPEAN UNION: Aid worth 3 million euros ($4.35 million).

GERMANY: Emergency aid worth 1 million euros ($1.45 million).

SOUTH KOREA: A 43-person search and rescue team and $500,000 in aid.

CHINA: Emergency aid worth $500,000. China's Red Cross has also provided $50,000.

AUSTRALIA: A team of 10 army engineers and a 36-member civilian search and rescue team. A Navy ship equipped with a hospital and a helicopter, which can deliver aid to more inaccessible areas, will sail for Padang in coming days.

JAPAN: A team of 60 search and rescue workers and 23 medical personnel. It will also provide emergency goods such as tents, sleeping mats, blankets and power generators.

SINGAPORE: Has pledged $50,000 worth of emergency relief supplies, including temporary shelters, blankets and medicine. It has also sent a 42-member Civil Defense Force search, rescue contingent and three helicopters.

RUSSIA: Two aircraft, logistical supplies, medical supplies, doctors, nurses, and a search and rescue team with sniffer dogs.

QATAR: An aircraft, search and rescue team, logistical supplies.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: A 56-member search and rescue team, medical supplies, heavy equipment.

DENMARK: A six-man crew and camp material.

SWITZERLAND: A search and rescue team.

BRITAIN: Humanitarian experts to assess the scale of the earthquake damage.