Lisa And Hank: But Seriously

The Early Show, Cupid couple
CBS/The Early Show
Hank won the heart of Lisa, but the couple did not win a million dollars because they did not get married on the "Cupid" finale Tuesday night.

When the preacher asked Hank if he would take Lisa as his wife, Hank turned to Lisa and told her that he "adores" her, and he wants her to have a proper wedding with bridesmaids and showers and focused anticipation.

Lisa heartily agreed, explaining that she and Hank have something special, and they don't want to share any more of it with the public.

The runnerup was Robert, the suitor who turned out to be made of Teflon; he was not a favorite of Lisa and her two friends, Laura and Kimberly. However, everyone agreed that Hank was the one to win.

Asked how she felt about Hank's refusal to marry her right then and there, Lisa said, "I came on the show to find the man I want to spend the rest of my life with, and I did. So, for me, the show was a success."

Later, with Hank by her side, she told The Early Show, "We just want our time together now to get to know each other in real life and to do things our own way, and I don't want my wedding to be with flaming hearts and commercial breaks."