Lipstick "advice" leads to face-slashing at Conn. nightclub, police say

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A lipstick featured on The Early Show.
One woman's "loose lips" about another woman's choice of lipstick was reportedly behind a slashing attack at a Hartford, Conn. nightclub.
(CBS) HARTFORD - One woman's attempt at offering constructive criticism - or was it just mean? - was clearly not appreciated by the recipient in a Hartford, Conn. nightclub.

Police say after woman no. 1 told woman no. 2 that her lipstick color "did not look good on her," woman no. 2 reacted by slashing woman no. 1 in the face.

According to CBS Connecticut, this "misunderstanding" started Sunday night in the bathroom of Hartford's Sunset Café, and ended with an assault on the dance floor.

The police report the victim was slashed on the left side of her face, and it isn't known what kind of weapon was used.

CBS Connecticut reported the woman who was cut is expected to be fine. She told police she did not know her attacker.

Photo credit: File photo of woman wearing lipstick. (credit: Carlo Allegri/Getty Images)via cbs connecticut