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Liposuction Leaves Woman Brain Dead

A mother of three is in a coma after having a routine laser liposuction procedure at Weston Med Spa in Weston, Fla. Her devastated family is asking what went wrong.

According to CBS News correspondent Michelle Gielan, laser liposuction is practiced in many plastic surgery offices across the country.

"It's a procedure that's so safe that the government allows us to do in an office setting under local anesthesia, without all the regulatory equipment that an anesthesiologist would require," said Dr. Jason Shapiro, an aesthetic doctor.

Then how did Rohi Kah-Orukotan, a 37-year-old mother of three end, up on life support after this minimally invasive procedure?

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Brian Bieber, attorney for Dr. J. Omar Brito, who performed the liposuction on Kah-Orukotan at his Florid meidical spa, said in a statement, "All pre-op procedures were followed. The surgery ran smoothly until the end when there was a complication. The doctor did nothing wrong and we are cooperating fully with the investigation."

But her family wants answers as to how this could have gone so wrong.

"We just want the whole world to know that Rohi is a very sweet lady and we just hate to lose her and for those kids to be without their mother," said
Oking Habib, the victim's uncle.

The family has hired an attorney amid allegations that the Weston Med Spa is not licensed to perform liposuction.

"Something went horribly wrong, because a 37-year-old healthy woman doesn't go in for these types of procedures that were advertised on their Web site and come out brain dead," said attorney Michael Freeland.

The lawyer for the victim's family suspects complications arose from the use of the anesthetic lidocaine.

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