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Aristotle's Writings On Death

Whether or not you believe in life after death, the Internet is a rich source of both information and folklore on the topic. We've assembled a spirited list of some of the believers' best sites, including a rundown of a few ancient philosophical and religious treatments of the matter.

Melvin Morse is a pediatrician and a neuroscientist who has spent 15 years studying near-death experiences in children. On his site, you'll find drawings by youngsters who have been through near-death experiences, and a message board that allows readers to interact with one another and Dr. Morse about near-death experiences.

At the Near Death site, you'll find insights into the afterlife, near-death experiences, and a look at how some religions treat the matter. The site also has an afterlife bulletin board and mailing list. The site's author, Kevin Williams, says he is a born-again Christian who feels a connection to all religions. He says he was introduced to the concept of near-death experiences by his step-grandfather, an Assembly of God Minister.

The Papyrus of Ani, or the Egyptian Book of the Dead, is an explanation of what are thought to have been the ancient Egyptians' view of death and the afterlife.

The University of Virginia's library hosts an exhibit on the ancient, mysterious Tibetan texts on death and dying. The exhibit is far richer than a simple text treatment, and for those interested in Buddhism or the afterlife, this is an excellent resource.

Aristotle's views on death and dying as translated by G. R. T. Ross.

The International Association for Near Death Studies [IANDS] site contains a wealth of information for those who believe they or someone they know has experienced a near-death experience. The site also offers an opportunity to ask volunteer staffers any questions that may linger after viewing all of the online resources.

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