Links Of The Week

Here's the quiz of the day: Which presidential kid has done well in Hollywood? Well, it's none other than Steven Ford, son of the late president. He did really well on The Young and the Restless but hasn't broken out on the silver screen yet. Check his career at IMDB. How about a former TV star who's returned to the small box? That would be former Today newsman John Palmer, who's hosting shows on the new national cable channel devoted to retirement living, Retirement Living TV. It's not just about 401(k)'s and shuffleboard. This cable is covering news. Want proof? Whispers is going to join Palmer's show,
The Informed Citizen
. And finally, if you're going to keep up with the new Democratic Congress and incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi's promise to do a lot of stuff in the first 100 hours, you'll need a reference card. Well, here is Pelosi's list.

By Paul Bedard