Lingering Questions In Jackson Death

From Cause Of Death To His Will And Finances, Michael Jackson Remains A Mystery

Michael Jackson was surrounded by mystery in life and now in death.

His final resting place is not yet known. On his death certificate, released on July 7, the cause is listed as "deferred." And as CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy reports, there are lingering questions involving his money, his will and the drugs.

Michael Jackson was supposed to be in London this week, about to launch 50 sold-out concerts in an attempt at a king-sized comeback.

The pop star had recently rehired his long-time manager, Frank Dileo.

"[A] $30 million production - it would have shocked everybody," said Dileo. "It was so entertaining I can hardly explain it to you."

Jackson's Comeback?

Jackson was, of course, a master showman. But as outsized as his life was, the questions surrounding his death loom even larger. Could his need to return to the stage for money - and the drugs he may have needed to get there - ultimately have killed him?

The Los Angeles Police Department has executed three search warrants and reportedly singled out five doctors in their investigation.

"He would go from one point being very easy to talk to, to being very slurry and kind of out of control," according to Matt Fides, who says he is a former Jackson bodyguard.

Fides claims it was well-known within the performer's camp that Michael battled with prescription pain killers. He also describes an ever-changing roster of doctors always at Jackson's side, giving him what he wanted.

"We went to great efforts to keep the doctors away, but as soon as we said anything and it would get back to Michael, [he] would have a screaming fit that we were interfering with his private life. He knew what he was doing and he was in denial, basically," Fides said.

A law enforcement source confirms that Diprivan, a powerful anesthetic which is supposed to be used only in hospitals for surgical procedures, was found at Jackson's home.

Cherilyn Lee, Jackson's nutritionist, says he wanted it to help with his insomnia.

"He was so emphatic about it," she said. "[He said] 'I don't care what this will cost me. I will pay a doctor anything - anything. Can you find someone to give me this medicine?'"

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"It is complete madness that anyone would use this drug outside of a very controlled hospital or operating-room setting and the possibility that this drug was being used for sleep? Madness," said Dr. Paul Wischmeyer, who has studied Diprivan abuse among medical professionals. It's a problem that he says has increased fivefold in the past 10 years.

"What is particularly terrifying about this drug is that there is no margin for error. The difference between being high and being dead is one cc," he explained.

Toxicology reports aren't due back for weeks, but Jackson's personal doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, who there with him when he died, says he didn't give Jackson anything that should have killed him.

Jackson's death has incited a growing battle over his estate. Temporary authority has been given to his longtime lawyer, John Branca and music executive John McClain. Jackson named them as co-executors of his will in 2002.

Michael Jackson's Will(.pdf)

Londell McMillan, representing Michael's mother, Katherine Jackson, had asked for control of the estate, but was denied. Still, the judge suggested Mrs. Jackson be consulted on all major decisions until a final decision is made in August.

"We have no reason to believe this will turn into a nasty fight over millions and millions of dollars," McMillan said.

More like hundreds of millions of dollars. Jackson's estate is believed to be worth more than $500 million and is growing by the day, due to the worldwide frenzy for all things Michael Jackson.

"We want to take advantage of all that, monetize it to the benefit of his beneficiaries and heirs," said Howard Weitzman, Jackson's estate lawyer.

Jackson's will leaves 20 percent of his fortune to charity, 40 percent to his mother, and 40 percent to his children.

Jackson's Children Unmasked

And there are lingering questions about the fate of the children: Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and Prince Michael II, 7, known as Blanket.

Jackson's will asks that his mother be their guardian and that's who the children are with now. But Debbie Rowe, Jackson's former wife and the mother of his two oldest children, has not yet decided whether to battle Katherine for custody or whether she's ready to deal with the press and pressure that goes along with caring for these world-famous children.

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